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The Da Vinci Code in Lincoln

The Da Vinci Code was first a book and then a film.It is a work of fiction. A story, by Dan Brown, about a secret society that claims knowledge about the Holy Grail. Nobody knows what the Holy Grail is (a cup, a scroll?) but the story claims it was the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It claims that this daughter whose name was Sarah has living descendants today--the bloodline of Jesus. Supposedly this secret was found by the Knights Templar when they dug beneath Soloman's Temple in Jerusalem and these Knights Templar are guarding this secret still today. However, Leonardo Da Vinci supposedly left clues or a code that when deciphered leads to the burial place of Mary Magdalene. In the book and film the burial place is in Paris, France.

So what does all of this have to do with Lincolnshire?

Another author, Dan Green, has written a book called The Lincoln Da Vinci Code. In this book he claims there are codes placed in Lincoln Cathedral that point to the burial site within the cathedral of Mary Magdalene. This book was written before the filming of The Da Vinci Code in Lincoln Cathedral and other places around Lincolnshire.

Now according to BBC News, author Callum Jensen who writes under the pen name of Dan Green, claims to have decoded a parchment which shows the Holy Grail or something (he doesn't know) is in a crypt on the grounds of Lincoln Cathedral. He has asked for permission to do a search of the grounds usinga penetrative radar scan. A spokesman for Lincoln Cathedral has stated that a decision on whether to allow this will be made soon.

Mr. Jensen who has always been interested in the Knights Templar became interested in Lincoln Cathedral when a very mystereous discovery was made by a workman in the cathedral. In the great stained glass window of the south wall of Lincoln Cathedral is a depiction of the Last Supper. The workman discovered something strange on the plate in front of Jesus. It is a dog. Some people say it is a lamb but the pictures I have seen look like a dog to me. I have never seen a lamb with a long skinny tail. No, it looks like a running dog.

Well, this is a mystery. A mystery just like those in the Da Vinci Code. Why would anyone paint a dog on a plate that sits on the table in front of Jesus. Spokesmen from the cathedral suggest it was someone's idea of a joke. I guess that could be but didn't anyone besides the artist look at this section before the window was installed? As I understand it this window was installed during the 18th century. It is not a window that was original in the early centuries of the cathedral.

If it is a clue or code like in the Da Vinci Code, why would anyone place it here where nobody was likely to see it? It is very high up and that is the reason it was only recently discovered,.

An interesting fact is that Lincoln Cathedral was built on the site of the Anglo Saxon church, St. Mary Magdalene.

The Knights Templar were active in the region. Manor houses they owned were La Bruere, Roston, Kirkeby, Brauncewell, Carleton, Akele, and Aslakeby. They owned the following churches: Bruere, Asheby, Akele, Aslakeby, Donington, Ele, Swinderby, and Skarle.

Temple Bruere is the only one which is still partially standing. Only one tower remains. The preceptory was established here in 1185 and their holdings were 10,000 acres. They used the land for grazing sheep and for military training. Within view of Temple Bruere is a 25 foot column made of stone that has drawers in it. The drawers can be opened!

To get there take the A607 out of Grantham or Lincoln and turn east on Welbourne. Temple Bruere is located on private land. There is a parking area in back of Temple Farm and you have to go through the farmyard to get to it.


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