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Aviation Museums and Heritage Centers in Lincolnshire

Take your pick of the different aviation museums below:

Bomber County Aviation Museum is located on the former Hemswell airfield. Hemswell was an active airfield during both World War I and World War II. It was bombed by the Germans during World War II. It was used at different times as a training field and as an operational field. Two Polish squadrons were stationed here. After the war it was home for three Thor missles from 1955 to 1963. Today the main base is privately owned. It was used for the filming of the 1954 movie, The Dambusters.

Aircraft at the museum includes:

  • English Electric Lightning F.1A
  • English Electric Canberra T.19
  • Hawker Hunter F.G.A.9
  • De Havilland Vampire T.11
  • Hunting Percival Provost T.1
  • BAC/Hunting Jet Provost T.4
  • Dassault Mystere IVA

Hemswell is located off the A631 west of the village of Caenby Corner which is at the juction of the A15 and A631.

Spitfires in formation

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre is located at RAF Coningsby airfield. This is an active airbase and you are likely to see modern day aircraft:

  • Typhoon T.1s and F.2s
  • Harrier GR.9
  • Jaguar GR.3
  • Tornado F.3

Battle of Britain aircraft:

  • Lancaster Bomber
  • Spitfires
  • Hurricanes
  • Dakota
  • Chipmunks

Friday afternoons and weekends are not good days to go because airplanes will be in the hangers. The best days are Monday through Thursday. However, you may see the Battle of Britain aircraft take off on weekends when they are on their way to airshows. The Lancaster Bomber has been away for servicing but is scheduled to be back by May, 2007.

RAF Coningsby is just outside the village of Coningsby.

Lancaster Bomber

RAF Digby, Lima Sector Operations Room Museum is a restored World War II Operations Room. Other rooms have lots of photos and war memorobilia. Guided tours are given on Sundays during the summer months (one per day) and begin at 11:00 am.

Visitors should park in the car park opposite the main gate from where a guide will escort you onto the base.

During World War II 50 squadrons operated out of Digby. These squadrons were British, Canadian, Polish, Belgian, and Czech.

Spitfire Coningsby

East Kirkby Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre has both a Lancaster Bomber and a Spitfire. The aviation museum is privately owned. The owners have rebuilt many of the buildings that were on site during the war. Here you can see the Lancaster taxing around the field and on some days you can see the Spitfire flying. Times vary so it is best to call first. Tel: 01790 763207

Turn west off of the A16 onto the A155 and drive to East Kirkby,Nr Spilsby.

Metheringham Airfield Visiter Center. The airfield was home to the 106 Squadron during World war II. It was closed at the end of the war. You can still see the old runways and many of the buildings remain. The ration store has been restored. Lectures are held in the gymnasium. The Visitor Centre is situated at Westmoor Farm, two and a half miles from the village of Metheringham on the B1189, directly opposite the B1191 turning to Martin and Woodhall Spa.

RAF Scampton was where The Dambusters 617 Squadron was formed for the purpose of attacking the dams in the Ruhr Valley in Germany and it was from this airfield that the attacks were launched. This is also currently the home of the famous Red Arrows aerobatic team. There is a Dambusters Heritage museum in the village of Scampton which is north of Lincoln.

I will be adding more aviation museums as I gather information about them. Most of these museums and heritage centers are run by volunteers who have a passion for preserving the aviation history of World War II.


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